The Roxy Touch

Always cool to see of our favorite Roxy bands doing well on the charts! Even more exciting that currently on the ITUNES TOP ALBUMS, their are quite a few of our favs! From Nas‘ hot new album, The Camp Rock soundtrack with Demi Lovato (both in the top 15) to Metrostation, Sara Bareilles, Colbie Caillet, 3Oh!3, OneRepublic, and newcomer Justin Nozuka - happy to have had all these artists rock our stage!
Check out a NAS live at The Roxy
Credit: Buzzcuts

Colbie Caillet live at The Roxy
Credit: shoestringconcerts on YouTube

OneRepublic live at The Roxy
Credit:marinki04 on YouTube

The Memori of Demi

My ears are still ringing from Friday’s shenanigans…but with the help of all those really great fans, you can watch almost every song on youtube! Relive the moment, or check it out if you missed out on the show! What a night….so fun!

Stay Tuned

Today is going to be a busy day on this blog. You know it’s going to be nuts when you pull into work with 2 lines wrapped around the building…one for Nas one for Demi Lovato…pictures and updates to come! Oh, and if their ever was a time to find us on twitter, today would be the day! To be continued…..

24 Hours At Camp Rock

We warned you guys that this show was HOT – and we knew it would sell out! But we hate to hear all the disappointed little fans when they call and ultimately, we want you ALL as part of the show. While we can’t exactly make that happen, we do have ONE PAIR of the coveted DEMI LOVATO tickets to give to a lucky fan.

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We Are Trained Professionals

Just wanted to put those little hearts and heads at ease – we DO indeed have two (REALLY GREAT AMAZING) shows next Friday July 18th. This isn’t a mistake or a typo. It’s an eclectic mix, and that’s why the Roxy rox. We can transform from Pop to Hip Hop seamlessly. So, to reiterate – Doors for Radio Disney Presents: DEMI LOVATO are at 7:00pm. Doors for Myspace Music Presents: NAS are at 10:30pm.