New Year’s Eve with Camp Freddy & Friends! – Tickets – The Roxy Theatre – West Hollywood, CA – December 31st, 2013

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New Year's Eve with Camp Freddy & Friends!

The Roxy Theatre presents

New Year's Eve with Camp Freddy & Friends!

Special Guests: Courtney Love, Corey Taylor, Billy Duffy & more, Hey! Hello!, Aeges, Fortress Social Club, DJ Dayle Gloria

Tuesday December 31

9:00 pm

$50.00 - $100.00

Off Sale

This event is 21 and over

The Roxy Theatre general admission, standing room only venue. For VIP accommodations, please e-mail VIP@THEROXY.COM. If tickets are not available on this site please contact The Roxy Theatre box office at 310-278-9457. PLEASE NOTE THAT DOORS, SET TIMES AND LINE UP ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. YOU MUST BRING A VALID PHOTO ID TO PICK UP YOUR TICKETS AT WILL CALL.

Camp Freddy & Friends
Camp Freddy & Friends
Featuring: Dave Navarro, Billy Morrison, Josh Freese, and Chris Chaney, Donovan Leitch. Hosted By: Mark McGrath!
With the decline of Western civilization comes a new pilgrimage of musicians looking to carve out their fates from the wreckage of the past. ÆGES are the new breed of California's creative drifters. ÆGES was founded by Chicago-raised Larry Herweg (Pelican, San Angelus), multi-continent Kemble Walters (The Rise, The Blank Faces, Juliette and the Licks), and the sole California native Tony Baumeister (16, Cutthroats 9).
ÆGES newest addition is Cory Clark (Sleepless Me) on guitar/vocals.

Converging in Southern California across state lines and international waters, ÆGES use their world-wise musical expertise to rebuild the archetype of the heavy rock band. There's a definite element of desert rock in ÆGES sound--the low-tuned guitars, the sludgy sun-baked riffs, the deceptive pop hook buried in the molasses-thick instrumentation. Yet the diverse backgrounds of the band members create a unique blend of perspectives and a resultantly fresh sound. The common sonic thread between the four individuals in ÆGES--their tenure in bands that explored the darker side of hardcore—manifests itself in the aggressive tonalities of their sound. But their divergent paths, both geographical and musical, broadened the emotional palette beyond the angst of their earlier bands. Their debut full length, "The Bridge", is set for release via The Mylene Sheath (Caspian, Junius, Constants) on April 17th, 2012. The album was produced and engineered by the bands own Kemble Walters at The Canshaker Studio in Malibu, CA, and mastered by Mark Chalecki at Little Red Book Mastering (Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Goatsnake, Megadeth).

The new millennium ushered in a new, revitalized era of artistic integrity for LA. We saw it in the age of the acid-hazed '60s, the age of the nihilistic Regan-era punks, and the current age of abandoned archetypes of a failed economy. It's creative optimism in a time of hopelessness. It's the music of ÆGES.
Fortress Social Club
Fortress Social Club has been advised that to snare your attention, it should first be known that the band's members have been part of groups such as The Matches, Maniac, Miley Cyrus, Oh No Not Stereo, Philip Sayce, and the Bellrays. And with that who's who business over with, FSC really just wants you to crack a beer and play their music, which was tracked largely live (in the manner that rock and roll really ought to be) on a vintage SSL and Neve sidecar with the aid of a slew of old Revox and Studer analog tape machines at the Fortress recording studio in downtown Los Angeles (from which the band took their name). The project, which Shawn Harris (vocals, harmonica) and Mykul Lee (guitar) started as a loose collection of over 20 musicians, has cut leaner and meaner on their new full length (their 3rd release of 2013) "Make Love, Not Babies", featuring Harris's sister, Jo Harris (vocals/B-3 Organ, Mellotron), Johnzo West (guitar), Justin "Bird" Andres (bass) and Rob Humphreys (drums). At its core, Fortress Social Club channels ghosts of Lennon, T. Rex, The Velvet Underground, and the Rolling Stones. As Harris explains, "In setting out to unlearn our era's ability and tendency toward music's over-production, we stumbled upon the original immediacy and soul of garage rock & roll. I guess we're after the truest reflection of the human condition, as raw, confused, and imperfect as that may be…"