megan(talent buyer), kyra(new media) and i all made it out to sxsw this year. the girls went early in the week and laid the ground work seeing almost every possible band there was to see, and took notes. you guys were awesome! i came in on the friday at noon. this would be the first time the roxy has made a team effort in austin for the annual “cochella meets the french quarter” mixed with a little(or a lot depending who you were with)drinking talking and walking, called south by southwest. it was an eye and ear opening experience. i already thought there were so many bands out there being at the roxy day in and day out, but there must have been 1000’s of bands in austin. all kinds, from metal to rap to electronica but i felt it was mostly indie rock. there was music coming out of every building, bar, restaurant, nook, cranny, crevice, alleys and sidewalks. i definitely was on the verge on sensory overload the whole time i was there. the bands that i like the most were #1 the black angels, love them. they killed there show at antones. also liked tokyo police club and architecture in helsinki. i saw peaches for the first time live in a club that was soo packed i didn’t even attempt to get on to the floor, she rocked it. my highlight was taking my 13 and 14 year old brothers to see mickey avalon at some way out club at 1am. cobrasnake met us at the backdoor and got us right in and after hanging with my brothers mickey and kev e hit the stage and a rocked a six song set ending with jane fonda( produced by cisco my other little brother)which had the whole crowd singing “shake it little mama…” all in all we had a great time doing 6th street, met a lot of great new people and found some old ones again too. to all the artists, bands, venues, sponsors and labels, and the city of austin. it was really fun and can’t wait till next year, thanks texas for something other than george bush. please let us know your sxsw story and please let us know any and all bands you saw there and would love to see at the roxy!