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Because 10 is too few and 15 is too many…

Can I just start this off asking why is thirteen a bad number? People are really freaked when it is Friday the 13th. Hotels don’t have a 13th floor… It is really intriguing. So I did some research. Did any of you know that it spawned from the Last Supper and how many people (apostles) were in attendance? Those silly superstitious folks applied it to Friday for whatever reason. I didn’t and don’t care but I am taking it back from the superstitions that tout it as bad. I know a lot of excellent people born on the 13 and occasionally their birthdays land on a Friday… no devil spawns there.

With that said I coin my first entry on The Roxy’s page as my Hot Thirteen Things to do before April 8th. I am running this backwards so don’t hate me

(something to know: most events with me are all about food or involve food)

13. I know the fad is a little over but Pinkberry is pretty amazing. So park your car at my house and join me in a short jaunt over to Pinkberry to get a Medium Plain with Pineapple and Raspberry. We can sit on our stoop and enjoy the sweet and sour yogurt that will help cool you down and help with your digestive tract. ☺

12. April 7 – Beth Ditto
The Gossip (nuf said, right?). Beth is an amazingly over the top woman and the band is so much fun. All I can say is the cupcake remnants on the carpet by the kitchen make me smile every time I step over the brown smudge that the cleaning crew couldn’t get out.

11. April 4 – Persephone’s Bees (feels like a slight throw back to the Castro District in 1979 – very hip- very hippy- super su-weet). Because this is an introduction to me you are probably not aware that half of my life I was a Nor Cal girl so I feel some major love for peeps from Oakland. Have yourself a good time making some honey with the Bees and then follow it up with a late night dinner at Fred 62 (I highly recommend the breakfast burrito if you are a carnivore).

10. April 2 – Ratatat. My friend Garsh hipped me to them. Hip Hop/Rock/Electronica?! How can things get so good… Wish that they had a guest performance with Mac Mall (that would be THE most amazing show ever)

9. I have no event to pair with this so get a group of friends together and head over to Trader Vics for some Wasabi Mashed Potatoes and some Pineapple-y umbrella drinks! I promise a good time. Only bummer is the required valet parking… but I still think it is worth it for an LA landmark (Especially since there is talk about potentially leveling it to build some luxurious suites and such).

8. My friend Bo would like to get me to go salsa dancing with her on Tuesday nights but I would rather go to Messob for some delectable Ethiopian eats. And I can usually persuade her to join if it is not on a Tuesday night! For four people you can share the vegetable platter for two. So cheap and SO yum. You may leave there feeling a little high… we did the first time we ate there.

7. A day of shopping is usually fun… even if no money ends up being spent. I recommend hitting up Marc by Marc Jacobs on Melrose followed by H&M at the Bev Center. Insiders tip: wear a skirt and a tank and you can avoid the hideous dressing room line at H&M – just head to the less frequented kids section and have your own fitting room (this is definitely not for someone who is modest because you will flash people on accident and people will give you looks like you are raping a goat).

6. Early morning jaunt to Starbuck’s on Melrose across from Urban Outfitters (they make my drink correct every single time – Iced Grande Decaf 7 pump Caramel Macchiato), they don’t say I am a sweetie for no reason. With the weather being so brilliant these days you can follow a good cup of coffee off with anything as long as you are outside.

5. If you like art and want to make a day of it I would hit up The Getty followed by a trip to Bergamot Station. Both are pleasantly placed with nice little walkabouts.

4. My favorite artist from my stint at Otis who I had the pleasure of meeting when Courtney Love played The Roxy a few years ago: Mark Ryden show at Michael Kohn Gallery

3. April 5 – Man Man. I listened to it this morning and I felt like I was in a cabaret with paintings of tightrope walking, umbrella carrying maidens (think Mark Ryden, mentioned above mixed with a little Haunted Mansion at Disneyland). Dark and evil with an uplifting cheerful chanting similar to most Klezmer music

2. Titos Tacos: bean, cheese and salsa burrito. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Don’t stress out about the line just get in, place the order and move to the side while your lady gets you all set.

1. At long last it’s here! MOSQUITO HEAD’S only ANNUAL PLAY (in my backyard no less – On The Rox)!! I am entirely biased about this because I have known these guys more than half of my life and because I consider a couple of them to be amongst my nearest and dearest. But the band only plays once a year and you never know who will jump on stage to play with them… not to mention that Tad’s package looks great (according to Ashley) in those black leather pants. You want to see this show. I promise.