heko’s Hot Stuff – Part Deux

I can only do three posts tonight because I have spent the past few hours at the ER – I promise thirteen for the next time

3. Spending Friday night at the ER is incredibly fun. Those stairs at a certain “urban” store on a certain shopping street can be vicious. Use extreme caution when walking up and down them! My sister fell down seven or so stairs and because we are just that way we laughed the entire time and three days later went to the hospital to find that what looked like a bad bruise and an intense scratch is in fact a fracture and still we laughed our asses off in the Century City ER.
My ever so pleasant patient!

2. Louis XIV!! We have them! And you want to see them!!! Tickets just went on sale and will sell out. A year ago I went with a group of friends to the Anniversary performance of Rocky Horror Show at the Hollywood Bowl and Louis XIV opened. They wore some tight ass pants. It was an amazing show… not sure if it was the mix of music and the outdoors or what it may have been but it was definitely out of control good and I can’t wait for them to be at my house, The Roxy, on 6/2/07. Go team go!!

1. I am sad and happy about the following. Sad because it has not happened sooner and happy because I am a brought back to my memories… oh those memories… About four or five years ago – prior to my stint here at The Roxy, I had recently graduated from college. I was an unemployed sad little thing with not much of a life… that is until my sister heard that a band called Phantom Planet was doing a free performance at Aron’s Records. Luckily, both of us being unemployed, we were able to spend the majority of the day sitting in front of the soon to be shut down store being the first kids in line… looking like huge fans when we had never even heard one of their songs. We sat for a few hours knitting and sucking on lollipops while we saw a line form behind us of people who were incredibly enthusiastic about seeing the band for the third, fourth and tenth time. When the sun went down we were shuffled into the parking lot. And stood amongst a crew of incredibly enthusiastic people who were very familiar with the music. The drummer came out and did a heavy kick of the bass drum that was unexpected and made me jump (embarassingly so). The band performed. The singer climbed the lighting rig (which I came to find out after the fact had sent a shock of electricity through him). Johnny Knoxville stole a CD sampler that had been given to us and confused my sister asking for some emoliient from her purse. The impression left on us was like a mean case of sugar shock (tingly and thrilling while being a little nauseating at the same time). We were so impressed with the talent of the band that my sister and I became what we like to call “Stalker Fans” and followed the band around for a week or so while they promoted their album release. Phantom Planet is the band we stalked. And what makes it so special to me is that their shows at The Roxy led me to want to work here. So I say thank you to them (Alex, Sam, Darren, Jacques, Jason – I know this is not the band as you may know it now but it was when I went nutty… these were the guys behind the cashews). Thank you greatly gents for the talent, the music, and my current amazing place in life! Don’t miss Phantom Planet at The Roxy Theatre playing with The Feeling and others for the last day of Rooney’s residency presented by Andy Dick & Frankie Fingers. The music is just the beginning!