heko’s coachella report

The desert may have been hot but the music was possibly hotter!

This was my first appearance at the much talked about desert festival in Coachella Valley. The heat was a little much to bare. Bare skin and balls were definitely the theme of the weekend. The Roxy Crew were all present and all enjoying the hell out of it. Unfortunately I only got to see a handful of bands… possibly all of LA was there and it was full time schmooze-fest. But I did get to listen to quite a few. Travis and Interpol seemed to kill and from what I have heard so did Rage. The Chili Peppers were awesome, but everytime I have seen them they have been amazing! My mission (should you choose to accept it) was to tag as many people with The fantasticly pink Roxy stickers I was blazing. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

To check out more pictures of our trip go to myspace.com/heko310

Best event of the weekend by far? Playing volley ball in the pool Sunday morning. Can’t beat a great sesh of one-armed beach ball tossing volley!!