Not just another Saturday night

A very cool mix of music and art on The Strip. Come on down and support the local arts community while rocking out to some great bands.

THIRD EYE GATHERING (3EG) is a Non Profit Organization dedicated to supporting a community of artists and intellectuals of all mediums. They feature some of the best music and art in the Los Angeles area and they have a loyal following of attendees who appreciate esoteric art and unconventional topics like Sacred Geometry and Quantum Physics. 3EG has not done a show in over a year and a half and they are coming out of the shadows with a bang. Former Interscope recording artists, WOVEN, have been in the studio for over two years and they are making 3EG the very first gig of many, to showcase what they have been creating, locked in that studio. In addition, Reality-Entertainment recording artists, DEADBOLT ZEN, is taking this opportunity to use 3EG as a vehicle to celebrate their CD release. ANIMATRONICS and THE BLAME will also be gracing the stage, making this an awesome night for music and art lovers. A 3EG event is also known for stunning visuals courtesy of WICKS LIQUID LIGHT SHOW. 3EG’s goal is to create a community of musicians, artists, thinkers and people who appreciate art of all mediums and give them a permanent home where they can bond and exchange ideas. 3EG will also showcase a few of the best “underground artists” in the LA area like Cam De Leon and Tony Koehl.

3EG started as a yearly three day event of like-minded thinkers getting together to celebrate live music, philosophy and art under a unique culture. With four years of successful experiences under their belt, they are now ready to bring this unique experience to The Roxy. Their long term plan is to ground 3EG to its own space, which will serve as the organization headquarters to help underprivileged and disenfranchised youth/adults by acting as a community center for the arts. Because their organization is grounded in Music, Art and Philosophy, they have a unique message to offer people who may have had a difficult time connecting with other people who have other interests. Please go to to learn more about the organization and events. Lastly, please go to to see more pictures.

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