Heko’s Hot Stuff

Tying bows on May and curly Q’s in June.

Here is the musical excitement of the next coming weeks:

5/21/07 Albert Hammond Jr. at the House Of Blues WeHo- such an awesome show. I saw them open for Incubus a couple of months back and their performance was absolutely the best part of the night (no offense Incubus kids). From the stage layout to the backdrop and then the band just killed it… great show.

-Albert Hammond Jr- In Transit

5/22/07 at The Troub – The Roxy ladies new Coachella jacuzzi buddy, POP LEVI with Mando Diao and The Capshuns. We love it and you will too.

-Pop Levi- Sugar Assault Me Now

5/26/07 theAUDITION: straight off a tour with Jack’s Mannequin and Head Automatica… the best boys Chicago can provide to us West Coasters (that is if your thing is Rock with a little pop/punk thrown into the mix). They are coming for a huge show at The Roxy and they come to rock!

-The Audition- You’ve Made Us Conscious

5/28/07 Phantom Planet: Andy & Frankie’s Social Club is back at The Roxy Theatre and they aim to please. Monday the 28th is the beginning of a handful of extraordinary nights in our backyard. Bring it Andy Dick! (and check out this video I found from an old school Phantom Planet performance from back in the day… maybe we can get them to do this cover again)

-Phantom Planet & Maroon Five live at The Glass House covering Hey Jude

6/1/07 The Colour: These kids are LA natives and have played The Roxy stage at least one time (that I can recall) before. Not to mention the support acts are the bomb diggity! The Colour, Simon Dawes and Takota all on one bill should be a Friday night for the books… plus what else have you got going on a Friday night in town? I say nothing as important as supporting local artists. No sir.
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6/2/07 Louis XIV: I have already talked about the enjoyable time I had seeing these gents play at the Hollywood Bowl. We are super lucky that they now are playing at The Roxy. I don’t need to get into how good Louis XIV is… but I do need to get into the bands that we recently added to the bill: Gran Ronde and The Shys (who recently performed at The Roxy’s latest brilliant idea “Free The Strip”). This show is guaranteed to knock your socks off!

-Louis XIV- The Hunt

6/7/07 Melee at The Roxy: I am officially making the announcement right now that we have a promo going through 9 Star, a West side Action Sports Retailer, offering up tickets to see the show hopefully beginning Monday, May 21. Check out the store (click on the link for phone number and location) and check out this show. My little sister and her boyfriend introduced me to the band’s music a few months back right before we booked this show. Nice call Roxy crew. And the other bands playing the date ain’t half bad either: Ronnie Day, Satisfaction, The Sweet Hello

-Melee- The War

6/8/07 Ima Robot with Los Abandoned and The Hairbrain Scheme at The HOB – Ima Robot held a solid residency in my car stereo for three months without fail. And my favorite band to ever hit On The Rox’s stage, The Hairbrain Scheme are opening. In all honesty I am not familiar with Los Abandoned but the fact that they are on a bill with these other two bands speaks very highly of them. Go out and support our boys. If you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of a guy wearing a Mexican wrestling mask… but only if you are lucky.

-The Hairbrain Scheme- My Flabby Valentine