If You Don’t Know, Now You Know…

Tuesday June 12th
From Rolling Stones Top 10 Artists to watch:

Hip-hop was still a fresh phenomenon when Vursatyl and Jumbo of Lifesavas met in Portland, Oregon, in the mid-Eighties. “People would tell me, ‘There’s another cat in town that dresses like you,'” recalls Vursatyl. “We were both wearing fat laces in our shoes, big bubble vests and goggles year-round. There were only a handful of us.” After spending the Nineties releasing material on their own label, Lifesavas dropped Spirit in Stone in 2003, on Quannum. But it’s their follow-up, Gutterfly, that should put them over the top. “We put it all on the table with this album,” says Vursatyl. “Who knows what will come after this?”

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Strange Fruit Project

Each member of Strange Fruit Project sings, raps and is influenced by the constant journey of everyday life. The group has made a huge impact in a short period of time. Through innovative production and creative lyrics their music separates them from many independent artists. Strange’s 2004 release, Soul Travelin, was an underground beat banging collector’s item which included hip-hop and soul at the root of its origin.

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Andre Legacy & Dirt Nasty

At 6’4 (6’6 with afro), the 1/2 Armenian 1/2 Russian ANDRE LEGACY is a Los Angeles native with roots in its ever evolving hip-hop culture. Once known to “underground” aficionados as METFLY, ANDRE LEGACY has re-invented himself today as a voice of the people…the people that like to have a good time. Aside from his solo work, ANDRE is also well known as 1/3 of the notorious DYSLEXIC SPEEDREADERS (also featuring Dirt Nasty & Mickey Avalon). Most people may be familiar with their anthem, “My Dick” of which ANDRE LEGACY is credited for conceptualizing in an Asian massage parlor off of La Brea. With tons of shows under his belt in and around the United States, a growing legion of fans and hundreds of songs in the can, ANDRE will be releasing his debut album (as ANDRE LEGACY) this year on Shoot To Kill Music. Is the world ready for ANDRE LEGACY? If his live shows, catalog of songs and harem of women are any indication, then yes…the world is ready!!! Brace yourselves!!!


Now On

Hip-Hop lovers the world over have been inundated by cynics who think they’re part of a dying art form. On the contrary, the members of Now On are leading a rebirth of the very fundamentals that defined Hip-Hop thirty years ago: originality, voice, culture and of course, entertainment. In fusing and confusing this elemental barometer, Now On emerges with a grimy freshness unseen or heard to date. Consisting of emcees IX Lives (son of Larry “Squirrel” Demps of the legendary Dramatics) and Jackson Perry formerly of Funktelligence, together with Haircut of Athletic Mic League (AML), Now On is set to make their tenure in the music industry the very definition of Def.