Four Star Youth

4 star youth

Four Star Youth came together at a bathhouse in west Hollywood and then realized that they liked making music together too. Starting in June of 2006, Four Star Youth built up a large and loyal fan base thanks to their hard hitting emotional music, energetic live show, and extreme handsomness. “We certainly dont suck as much as we used to.” says drummer Lonnie Miller. “I think we suck more now actually.” replies Vocalist Steve Pedersen. Mike Bartak was excited to join Four Star Youth as their second guitarist in October. “I really didnt have shit to do at the time.” he explains. They soon began headlining larger venues throughout the Los Angeles Area like The House Of Blues, The Key Club, and Big Chuck’s Biker Bar and Buffet. “Having great fans this soon is a tremendously superduper totally rockin kinda thing” says guitarist Joshua Buma. “Ohhhh yeaaaahaaah” agrees bassist Bill Gower. Their debut cd “The Great Nobodies” is due out in June, a late summer tour is in the works, and the band plans to be rolling in money, dating C list actresses and snorting huge lines of coke by the end of October. Look for FSY at a venue near you or drive a little bit and find one closer to us.

THE ROXY show dates:

JUNE 15th 2007