Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds

Tomorrow’s Bad  Seed

Tomorrows Bad Seeds was originally started as an acoustic three piece. Since then it has evolved into much more. With a high-energy mix of Reggae, Rock, Punk, and Hip Hop they create a unique sound that can captivate any crowd.

Since getting together in ’04 they have been killing the West Coast playing such venues as: HOB Hollywood, Vault 350, The Catalyst, San Felipe(SWAT High School grad trip), Keyclub, Galaxy Theatre, Downtown Brewing Co., Ventura Theatre, and many others. Along the way they have shared the stage with artists such as: Slightly Stoopid, Half Pint, The Expendables, Hed(pe), Common Sense, Dubcat, Midnight, Salvador Santana, The B Foundation, Iration, and many more.

Tomorrows Bad Seeds is a melodic fusion of music and lyrics charged by day-to-day experiences, Love, and Politics.They strive to spread a seed of consciousness and pave the way for a brighter future. “PLANT THE SEED AND LET IT GROW”

THE ROXY show dates:

JUNE 21st 2007