TuneCore is a music distribution service that gets your music (even cover versions) for sale on iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody and more without asking for your rights or taking any money from the sale of your music. You get all the money and keep all your rights! Simply upload your art and songs, pick the stores to deliver to and youÒ€ℒre done. Clearly, TuneCore is in it for the good of the artist. And what better way to support that- than hosting contests that can really change the life of a struggling band for the better! Check out the contest below!


Upload Your Music and Hit the Road
TuneCore wants to see you make it big. As part of our ongoing efforts to aid in your success, we’ve teamed up with Guitar Center to offer you a COMPLETE TOUR KIT that includes:
An ’07 Ford Econoline Van
$5000 cash
Apple MacBook computer
One year of Internet access
$500 gas card
A case of ramen noodles
That’s right, we said ramen noodles.
To enter, bands can go to http://www.guitarcenter.com/winavan/entry.cfm during the month of June, 2007, and submit the following information:
How your band could benefit from a sweet new van
Your best tour story or best tour story of the future
10 things your band would always have in the van
The dedication of your band members to its craft
Just imagine what YOUR band could do with a new van and a chunk of cash. The world might never be the same.
Click on the picture for all the details!