We Hart Beth

Beth Hart

Beth Hart is a singer who became famous with the hit “L. A. Song”.

Beth Hart dropped out of high school to focus on her songwriting. Her vocal style has been described as raw and passionate, with some similarities to Joan Armatrading and Janis Joplin, but differing from her contemporary folksingers. Recorded while she was heavily addicted to drugs, in Immortal she projected a tone of anger, confusion, and imbalance.

Hart fell under the spell of blues singer Etta James for her second album, Screamin’ for My Supper, that also reflects her soul-searching after a number of tragedies and her recovery from drugs. The tender “L.A. Song” gave her a little notoriety, becoming a top 5 Adult Contemporary Chart hit, but “Get Your Shit Together” showcased more character. At the same time, Hart was singing the lead role in “Love, Janis,” an Off-Broadway musical based on Joplin’s letters home to her mother.

Her most recent album, Leave the Light On, is all about battling demons (drugs and alcohol in Beth’s case) and coming to terms with oneself and being honest about it. Musical influences on the album are blues, rock and gospel. Beth currently resides in Los Angeles, but spends most of her time touring in Denmark and the Netherlands with her band, lead guitarist John Nichols, bassist Tom Lilly, two rotating drummers, her husband Guetzkow, and manager David Wolff.

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