Make Sure They See My Face

This Thursday kicks off the first of an exciting series of events, Filter Magazine’s Revenge of the Sunset Strip at The Roxy. With these shows, we are focusing on bringing great music back to the Sunset Strip, where it belongs. The first night kicks off with KENNA, fresh off the New York bill of Live Earth, and special guest Carina Round.

Filter Magazine Presents Revenge of the Sunset Strip featuring KENNA

The first rule of understanding Kenna is to really believe him when he says his name means “to get what you want.” A couple years after completing his debut record–the interim hallmarked by his own fittingly monumental climb to Mount Kilimanjaro to “find himself”–Kenna is here again to take back his name. Ask production impresario Pharrell Williams what his old friend and colleague Kenna evokes for him and you’ll get “the world will be singing songs of honesty along with audiences in cellphone-lit stadiums.”

Kenna – “Freetime”

Carina Round

Carina Round may not have the kind of slacks that court infertility and she probably won’t share a snog with another girl if it gets her video played on MTV (although we can hope) but when regarding the essence of her music, there are few more arresting and striking sounds available to the human ear. I wanna make people feel something, explains Carina on her personal motivation. The music that I listen to most is the kind that reflects something that I feel. After all, isn’t that why we all listen to music? To be excited and to be thrown into upheavel?

Carina Round – “Down Slow”