Roxy Love for Courtney Love

Always a Roxy favorite, Courtney Love graced the Roxy stage last night for a special Myspace performance.

Our good friend Perez Hilton had this to say:

Much improved!

Courtney Love performed at the Roxy on Sunset and thankfully avoided wearing anything like THIS.

From what we hear, the show was pretty epic.


And Popbytes, our new friend and a great blog, had an amazing time and had this to say:

my headache has subsided and now as promised i’ve got a bit more info (along w/ some pics & a small bit of video) on courtney love’s ‘secret’ show (sponsored by myspace) at the roxy last night! (a totally kick ass small venue – and where i first saw amy winehouse in person) i arrived around 10:30pm – lots of people outside mixed in with general sunset blvd craziness – luckily i bypassed the lines and went straight inside (through the side door) to claim my spot! of course the main floor was totally packed but thankfully i was able to wedge myself front & center with only a few people in front of me! i quickly sucked down my drink which did give me a slight buzz right before ms. love took the stage around 11pm – the curtains lifted and there my rock goddess was – with a lit cigarette already hanging from her pouty lips. i had an excellent time and for courtney love being 43 – bitch has still got it – i sometimes can’t put my finger on why i love her so much (along with why i have a tattoo in her honor) but let me just tell you – she fucking rocks and i will love her until the end – she just does it for me – skinny or plump!

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Check out Popbytes for the full review, and enjoy the clips below.