The Shys


The Shys (previously The Gun Shys) are a five piece rock band from Los Angeles, California. Under their previous name they released The Gun Shys EP. Their current line-up consists of Kyle Krone, Alex Kweskin, Chris Wulff, Riley Stephenson and Tony Cupito. Their debut CD, titled Astoria, was released on iTunes on June 6 2006, and in stores July 11 2006.

“Creating the best music we can and making it available to our fans has always been our number one priority in this group and now we are free to do just that. This means more new music more often for us to share with you. We have taken all matters into our own hands thus obtaining 100% creative control. We have built our own recording studio and are currently in the process of recording a brand new EP. The plan is to wrap up the recording by the end of the month and have the record available to everyone sometime in late August or early September, followed by tours of North America and the UK. Along with the record we have the freedom to release new videos, merch and other knick knacks straight from the band to you. It feels incredible to be free. Thank you all so much for your continued support and love. Because of you we can continue to make records and play our music as far as it takes us.
Always grateful,
Kyle, Alex, Chris, Riley, & Tony
-The Shys”

-on being released from their contract in July of 2007 with Sire Records.

THE ROXY Show Dates:
August 2nd, 2007; with Pop Levi, Grand Ole Party, and The Procession