The Remedy For Your Deadly Syndrome…

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The Deadly Syndrome: a bio in two parts

Part One, “The Truth”
Four young gentlemen were born to 8 parents. One from New York, One from Louisiana, and the rest from California. Through a series of fortunate events (broken bones, concussions, divorces, successful marriages, siblings, fishing trips, and dreams), the boys all found their way to Los Angeles. The California boys had already known each other from University, and moved there together. The New Yorker moved because it was time to move, and the New Orleanite, moved because of the weather. Then through jobs, and girlfriends the fellows came to realize that they wanted to do something more with their hands, so they built bridges, and verses, and pre-choruses. The 4 guys are now The Deadly Syndrome, where all have a hand in writing the music.

Part Two, “The Lie”
One of them is a liar.

The Filter’s Revenge Summer series has hit a high note with the show on Thursday, August 30th. I can’t say that I am some stalker fan that knows every inch of every member of each of the band’s performing but when my friends tell me that they can’t miss this show I know it is bomb.

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