Total Eclipse


Clipse have never heard of the sophomore jinx.

“I didnt think nothing of it,” says Malice “Then I kept hearing it, and kept hearing it and it kept getting in my mind: Maybe we cant do it. Maybe thats just how the game works. Maybe its something that I didnt know of or whatever. But it didnt plague us at all.”

“I was like, What do yall mean? We make records,” adds Pusha T. “I dont know. Im pretty sure it happens, but that was just more of an incentive. I dont even believe in it.”

Its a good thing that Virginia-based brothers and rappers Malice (Gene Thornton) and Pusha T (Terrence Thornton) never heard of the dreaded curse. The annals of music history are filled with one-hit-wonders. And it would be a shame if their critically lauded debut, 2002’s masterful, gold-selling Lord Willinwhich entered at No. 4 in the Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart while producing the instantly classic, Top 10 hit Grindin(recently acclaimed by Blender Magazine as one of Greatest 150 Hip-Hop Songs of All Time)were to renege on its promise of introducing lasting new voices and a new paradigm to hip-hops orthodoxy. Their new album, Hell Hath No Fury is every bit as adventurous as their inaugural LP: wickedly crafted rhymes that walk the tightrope of guilt and glee as experienced by conscientious drug dealers; avant-garde music tracks out of time and space that rock like a players ball held in a damp basement.

Make no mistake, with Hell Hath No Fury The Clipse, along with producer and mentor Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes, have created an album of grooving introspection, bouncing escapism and swirling remorse even more nuanced and body-shocking than the lamentations of their first album.

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