Ca$$ette is Back!



What do you get when you mix a bold, modelesque, mohawked chick with a boys name and an electro-funk-soul, uber-hip robotica boy with a name fit for a girl? What happens when you blend 1-part Electronica, 2-parts Soul, and a sprinkle of Funk and Hip-Hop? What do you think evolves when you take a little bit of yesterday, a little more of today, and a whole bunch of tomorrow and throw it in a boiling pot of magic musical fusion?

Well, by definition, you have whipped up a hot, undeniable batch of J*DaVeY, a duo with a sound that screams of past, present, and future influences. Their progressive Soul melodies are infused with New Wave electronic impulses that mesh so beautifully it is almost impossible to put a label on it. Thus, the connection between the mysteriously androgynous name and the new sound becomes simple and plain: J*DaVeY is new food for the malnourished musical soul. Thank goodness…music finally tastes good again!

Joining J*DaVeY this time around are The Gray Kid, and Gold Chains.

The Gray Kid

Equal parts Mick Jagger and L.L. Cool J, Noel Gallagher and Eminem, this mic wrecking, song writing, hip shaking, guitar playing, soul crooning, music making dynamo drops electrified, Jeep-beat anthems thatll shake your speakers and make you shake your ass. Check out his version of Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack, PaxilBack.