Bullets and Octane


“With the hordes of sound-alike, look-alike, act-alike punk bands emerging from the clubs and recording studios of Southern California over the past decade-plus, you’d think that any remote deviation from the accepted norm in the scene would be scowled and frowned upon by audiences comfortable with the lack of innovation and meager compositions.

But, for Orange County-based Bullets and Octane, such reaction is the exact opposite. Fronted by lead vocalist Gene Bullets— and further propelled by the backing of bassist Brent Clawson, drummer Ty Smith and guitarists Jack Tankersley and Skye Jayne — the no-bullshit, pure-attitude punk-bred rock ‘n roll fivesome have received nothing but praise, adulation and in turn, have developed a rabid fan base that has continually packed clubs throughout the region.” -Punkinsider.com
THE ROXY Show Dates:
October 5, 2007