Tour of Duty


Van Stone is the #3 band in Palmdale, Ca. behind #1 Skirge and #2 Wind Jammer. It began with Randy and Lonnie Van Stone who are 39 and 33 year old irish twin brothers who live at home with their mom. It is debated whether they actually left Skirge or were kicked out of the band, but the early incarnation of the band consisted of Randy, Lonnie and Glen Wolfe who they met in high school. While messing around out down at the train tracks they met drummer Yugoslavian Alexis Patinkov, also known as Mr. Bonze.
Later they added Palmdale legend B.C. Rich, until he lost his hand while making homemade sausages in a meat grinder in meat grinding accident. He was later replaced by Cliff Steinberger.
In order to further the band’s rise to stardom, Randy Van Stone sends the U.S. military a demo tape in hopes of performing a show. However, Lt. Perry (played by Scott Baio) finds their music so bad, that they use it as a weapon against insurgents in Afghanistan. Unaware of the real reason for their trip there, they play a concert in which they believe enemy fire is pyrotechnics and Hawk moshes with the insurgents. In the course of amplifying Van Stone’s live performance, they manage to break the world decibel record held by either Overkill or Manowar. However, they accidentally leave Hawk there when they return to Palmdale.
Van Stone is still together touring and pleasing crowds all over the world. Every time Van Stone performs their venues report sold out crowds. Salvadore Ramalitin the organizer of one of these venues accounts-“It’s like the Beatles all over again, the mania that comes from these fans is unbelieveable!”

Van Stone “Rock ‘n’ Roll”