Roxy Roadtrip Detour’d Downtown

Thanks to the LA Weekly, to Goldenvoice, to all the bands, artists and djs that rocked the streets of Downtown LA. And special thanks to all of our good friends (new and old) that stoped by our booth. You made Detour a blast. The Roxy Crew had a great time hanging at our tent that was disguised as a pink disco lounge. We handed out free tickets, stickers and, most popular, our homemade Pink Glowsticks to the thousands of smiling, happy, music loving people. It reminds me that sometimes you need to get out of the office and hit the road, even if it’s just to Downtown. Can’t wait for next year. Please feel to post your own pictures from Detour below.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.
Heather, Bobby, Annie, Young Josh, Megan, Scottie and Trev, You all deserve a double clap. Thanks Guys!