The Roxy Welcomes CIC

Uploaded on March 25, 2007
Los Angeles::City Skyline by mike_s_etc
As music industry folks travel in from all over the country – we are excited to be able to welcome you all to come see the legendary Roxy at its finest. As CIC starts, we invite you all to come check out a a few of our best shows that will be hitting the Strip,just as you hit town. To show our camaraderie we welcome all you CIC folks to flash your badges and check out our shows for free! On February 7th we have a special showcase from Ironworks Music which includes favorite Rocco Deluca known for his radio hit “Colorful” as well as for his ground breaking tour documentary with Kiefer Sutherland. February 6th, we are so excited to have hot indie act Biirdie – who’s debut album is making waves across the LA area and beyond. Described as “A sort of California alt-country-rock that you can’t not love. Reminiscent of early Bright Eyes. Alt rock perfection.” Also on this show, HOT Reeve Carney– who’s acclaimed live album is an indie rock staple and Sundance breakout musician Lukas Haas. So come rock out and enjoy your stay!