Tokio Hotel Takes Over Hollywood

So friends, the time is here!! We never thought this day would come…and now here we are! It’s been non stop Tokio for a few weeks now – and we’d like to thank all the dedicated fans who have flown in from all over the world – to see the band in their FIRST US appearance! You’ve made this, what is sure to be, an amazing SOLD OUT show! We knew today would be a great day, because as we left the Roxy yesterday evening – after a hard days work – we ran into the band on the corner! They seemed to be loving the Sunset strip already…and seemed very excited for the show! Just to give you an idea of what what’s going on here at the club, at 9:30 am…here’s a few pics of some of our favorite fans in line so far.

Tokio Hotel, 2/15/08