Gettin Ready For Camp Freddy

We know their are some GREAT bands that are just itching for the right time to show their stuff. Maybe you and your band have been together for years. Maybe you just formed. Maybe you just found the sound you KNOW will change the world. THIS is your chance. We’re sooo excited to have Camp Freddy here…every Thursday in May – and now’s your chance to OPEN for them. Yes, that means you will warm up the stage for the hotness that is Donovan Leitch (of Nancy Boy, stage and screen),┬áDave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction/Panic Channel),┬áBilly Morrison (The Cult), Matt Sorum (Velvet Revolver/Guns N Roses), & Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction/Panic Channel). Click here for all the info!

Camp Freddy - Every Thursday in May