The SXSW Journey

For all you folks that bucked up and braved Texas for this year’s SXSW extravaganza…and for those that would rather stay and live vicariously thru others – I give you, Ms. Megan Jacobs – and her blog!
SXSW 2008


One bookers journey through band-land-ia

SxSW – Austin, Texas – 2008
Still laughing – still exhausted- still deaf – still drying out – still laughing.
Had the best time ever in Austin, Texas. Pushed myself further than I thought I could go. From band to band and just hand me another cocktail my friend. The highlights of the story go something like this….

*THE HAPPY CAMPER – An RV’s example of a good time on wheels
Trevor, Nic & Frankie Fingers – 1300 miles and a long stretch of road.
Not sure what y’all were smoking thinking when you decided to drive to Austin – but i love you for your wicky wacky ways. The name of the vehicle alone brought more comedy than the laugh factory. Thanks for bringin all the gear ++

rocked out to LIONS
can’t get enough of these guys – Austin locals- outskirts of town – saw some old friends- made some new

oh hells yes- give it to me some more- that band was hot!
super fun & you can run into half the people you wanted to see. dinner was divine – martinis superb.
a ***** 5 star don’t miss on your next trip

ting tings – we love you even if you sing to tracks – your fabulous and rad
Always Madd Respect to Ariana and Nic- making what’s hip …hip

The Roxy’s version of “chillin” – what’s up Texas this is how to California “kick it”
Love to all of our performers…YouRox: The Henry Clay People, The Happy Hollows, A.i, Hello Stranger, Cisco & Shwayze, Lisa D’Amato, Rocco Deluca, Eastern Conference Champions. Mac n Cheese and the best damn collard greens. No rain and the true fans came.

give it up to our friends at DimMak – always droppin the best DJ’s and Bands in the most unexpected places. cool party.
checked out my new favorite band: The Whigs
ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhh could i have some more please?

Megan J live with the legendary Michael Jerome.
just velcro that shammy to the Nord for some quick vibes & go
so what if it smelled like piss – i just sang my ass off- that’s just steam coming off the stage
Love you Gerber for always getting me on stage.
Plus Alex Painter & The Joyful Process played afterwards – funky & beautiful

i do – i too- love Vampire Weekend. big ups to free booze to help work the smooze- barely breakin a sweat i think this was barely day 2. And credit where credit’s due – Activision you sure know what’s cool- guitar hero rules!!!

a cool kid’s watering hole. Autolux brought the house down while Blair built it up. Kyra dishin out dewers from the bus. Sink to See sippin on cider…”oh i’m so excidered” Hot party as always Little Radio – you definitely define cool.

did all roads lead to Deville that night? i believe so. i decided to disembark from my party train to see where the wind would blow me…right up to White Denim with my old friend Julie. White Denim seriously rocked my world and I found all my homies from Hollywood to New Orleans. Now that was a circus party and the people were getting funky.

pretty much just loved seeing him jump from party to party- super impressed by your stamina – we all need to train with him and his New Music Tipsheet next year to make sure we’re really in tip top shape for this kind of music marathon.

metromix watch out – she’s fierce and fabulous – and if you ever need a cab late at night – no fear Diane Stone is here. Thanks for the Raging good times at Roaring Fork. Who else can bring all of LA’s top clubs to one dinner table and have everyone high fivin on the way out – D Stone for Pres!!

for some reason i thought i’d be fine walking to our crack shack wasted at 3 in the morning alone past the freeway- sure – i’m sure- it’s fine until the tumble weeds practically knocked me over and the cockroaches started to come out. no place for a lady like me at 3 so i hitched a ride with the closest car i could find- anything was safer than that walk home. Turns out the Band and Van I jumped inside was none other than The Hanks. Thanks for the ride home- I owe ya one – for reals!!

*SHE & HIM at the Parish
sweet and ahhh did my ears need that. i literally kicked my shoes off sippin on gin and juice…or vodka soda…whatever- don’t matter cause zooey’s got vibes and M Ward too. I’m down – count me in

For once – I’ll stop running around chasing bands- let’s let the bands conveyor belt in front of me. Kickin it on the grass with a lollipop of grass and a flask of patron. that’s right i’m lying on the ground and this band still sounds great. From Yeasayer to Black Mountain to The Breeders – Waterloo Park was the place to be. Felt like I got a taste of local Austin & I dig it.
That’s what we call a slam dunk. Viper’s got it down from everyone’s favorite Casper at the door, to Joe livin it up to Ed Levy knowing that the only thing that could keep me up past 12 on the last day was another round and another and …Big ups to Run Run Run for a great performance. Plus the late night roll over to Emo’s for X and The Von Bondies – that was it – i was done – send me home- it was great- great I say!!

can’t really know a town until you taste a bloody. consensus – yep Austin’s got it down. We were staying a little outside of town and found a sweet patio where the locals hang Rio Rita’s or something like that? Make your way to the back patio – strike up a conversation with someone- a guaranteed good story – and eat all the greens – the only way to start to face the clean that you’ll need when you land.
Hail Mary hold me together….at least until i get on the plane. Which is exactly where we caught the last laugh…ran into KROQ’s fabulous Kat Corbett and soon became Isle 3: The Party Isle. Between the Skymall Catalogue and Airline Steward who had the balls to wear our Roxy headband, oxygen mask AND inflatable vest – the good times were had.
Laughing all the way from Austin to LA…trying now to get my feet on the ground and get back to the booking. Hello Hollywood it’s nice to see you again – but the warm winds of the south sure felt kind. See ya next year Sx…See ya next year. xoxo- megan j