Foxboro Hot Tubs Live At The Roxy

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Foxboro Hot Tubs at The Roxy, OMG! What an exciting show!! This band has caused quite a buzz on the web and we cannot wait to see them live! Because of the demand on this show, you can only purchase tickets in person at The Roxy box office the day of the show. Tickets will be $20 cash and there is a two ticket maximum per person and both people must be together in line to receive the tickets. Have no fear tho, because we are allowing you to lineup starting 8am on the day of the show. So once you are in line and get to the door, you will buy your tickets and immediately proceed into The Roxy. Get ready to strut your stuff on the Sunset Strip and make an event out of it! Meet some fans in line…share stories…and make some new friends. Have no doubt, you will find some internet fame as I will undoubtedly be blogging the line in true Roxy fashion. We know their fans are traveling from near and far for this show – and we can’t wait to see you all! Also, a friendly reminder – no recording devices of any kind, no cameras and/or cell phones will be allowed into the show!

Foxboro Hot Tubs - 5/27