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Foxboro Hot Tubs Live at The Roxy

Last night’s show with Foxboro Hot Tubs was nothing short of amazing! Billie Joe has one of the most classic voices in punk rock history and it was such a treat to have him on our stage. We’de like to thank all the dedicated fans who braved the Sunset Strip for hours and hours yesterday.
Foxboro Hot Tubs Fans at The Roxy
We hope you all had a great, safe time and that you enjoyed your stay at The Roxy! Wow, the band played so many songs – and we loved them all! What was your favorite part?

Foxborro Hot Tubs Live at The Roxy

Foxboro Hot Tubs 5/27

From the laist:
“I’ve never seen so many people dancing on stage throughout a band’s set,” described LAist News Editor Andy Sternberg, who went to the Foxboro Hot Tubs’ show at the Roxy last night. “Billy Joe was loving it.”

From jcluvinidiot on the greendayauthority.com forum:
o goodness, ill start from the beginning….

The greatest adventure of my life began mon. the 26 of may, 2008, when my father and i battled memorial day traffic on a six and a half hour drive for the sunset strip.

we arrived at about 7 to have dinner at a 60 year old 50’s diner called Mell’s drive in, and then headed over to the roxy a few min. down the street. we arrived to the venue empty and the line appearently for the taking outside of an all black, sleek looking building with two driveways being the only entrances to the back of the stage (we’ll talk about this later). my phone died when i stood infront of a sign that said the foxboro hot tubs may 27 to take a picture, and then out of a car parked directly infront of the venue popped out a woman asking if i was there for the foxboro hot tubs. my heart sank, as i knew she had been in line before me, when she stated she had been in line since two with her thirteen year old daughter since 2 that afternoon. i let her go in front of me since i would have wanted the same, and later regretted it after finding she was the biggest winer and worry wort alive. at about midnight two other lads joined us in their twenties, one being from american idol a few seasons back. they loved their alcohol, but were cool and we jammed for hours to green day, foxboro hot tubs, and network tunes all night (with i being the most familiar with lyrics and guitar chords bwahaha). at around 11:30 pm the woman in front of my father and i asked us to save her spot so she and her daughter could go back to the room and sleep for a “couple hours” because she thought her daughter was “scared”. we reluctantly agreed what felt like 30 degree weather, only to have her come back at about 7 am the next day…few hours my ass. about ten other people trickled in from about 1-8 am but the bulk didn’t come till 9 or ten and kept growing with the day. i ran into my friend from the pinhead gunpowder concerts in west hollywood and 924 gilman named jerri, and later on my friends diana and matt. we all hung out and played uno, and in the afternoon watched for tourbusses and vans, hopeful they contained the members of the foxboro hot tubs. around 1 we started to get frustrated we hadn’t seen a sign of the guys yet and cursed them for being lazy and rude lol. however at about 4 i think, diana, matt, and i spotted a golden tour bus and stood hopefully outside its door only for it to drive away min.s later with the guys probably laughing their asses off. we awaited patiently once more to spot a van we remembered from the pinhead concerts arrive an hour or two later. me and matt were the only ones left searching at this point, and we saw that blinker go on at one of the driveways where we ran to see who it was. it was then that we spotted mike, tre, billie joe, and their new guitarist come out and go into the building. jumping up and down we waited until seven for the roxy to open, where we would then wait till eight thirty for the FIRST OPENING act to start (we were in the front by the way). The lead singer of Girls with guns was so drunk i can’t even judge on how good they were, but the rest of the band looked looked a bit stressed due to her intoxication..i saw a little more of her than i ever needed to. about and hour later the second band with a lot of talent from billie’s home town came on, but i couldnt catch their name. at ELEVEN the boys finally lifted the curtain with billie joe looking mighty with his allligator scepter. he introduced him self as the reverand styrnine twitch and the band as the foxboro hot tubs with no guitar, only exhilerating dance moves and a voice that could rock the world. me and matt were closest to mike and got several splashes of beer, even down the pants, but it was alright because it was FUCKING MIKE DIRNT’S BEER. within the first song, stop drop and roll!!!, billie joe i think maybe recognized me and held my hand for at least a full min. while 20 hands swallowed him. He came over and sat in front of us singing several occations and stage dove probably 5 times. i danced with him on several songs along with many others and lost my ipod at some point, but didn’t worry about it till then end..now its semi difunctional but I DONT CARE! lol. Mike stage dove once with billie joe taking over the bass, but he wasnt doing to great so he switched rolls with the other guitartist until mike returned. the guys finished up with little pieces of truth and bid the crowd goodbye, but HELL NO were we going to let them go without an encore. tre came out after a few min of cheering and demands with the red tide drum beat when a few min later the rest of the guys came to join him. they played a final goodbye tune that im not familiar with where 75 percent of the crowd came on stage to dance with them. it was an huge ending for a huge band..and i found my ipod later after hugging a girl i saw stepping on it, but the menu and select button now dont work haha. that was the best night of my life, and ill never regret it.

From donny aka speedo boy from the mystic knights of the cobra on the greendayauthority.com forum:
Hello all! this is call me donny(speedo boy) from the mystic knights of the cobra. I’d first like to thank everyone who made it out to the roxy, you all really made it such an incredible, magical night for all of us. Big thanks to all the staff at the roxy, who were so friendly and accomodating, you all made us feel so at home. Most importantly I want to thank Foxboro Hot Tubs for inviting us out to hollywood and long beach for 2 SPECTACULAR shows. Playing in sugar city was a real dream come true, our little town is still reeling form the insanity!
We got a whole lot of real confused looks from the crowd for the first few minutes, but I think you guys started to get it a couple songs in. You really helped us bring our “A” game, and we hope to see all of you in the near future! I gotta shout out to girls with guns, who may very well be the most SAVAGE chicks we’ve ever seen, and to “caveman” from the club, you ROCK!!!! Anyway, thanks again guys, we’ll never forget what a legendary night we all had!