Hot New Shows

Happy Thursday! This is my favorite day of the week because I get to let you know of some great shows that are going onsale today! It’s been a while since FILTER has played and from what we hear, you guys want them bad! The phone’s have been ringing off the hook…and I’ve been getting bombarded with messages – and now I can let you know that the show is onsale TODAY! We can’t be happier that they picked The Roxy for their LA appearance. Click here for Filter on ticketmaster. Then, we have JAMES HALL going onsale today as well. Rumor has it, he will have a very very special guest that we can’t wait to announce. It’s been a while since James has been on our stage…and its going to be a very happy reunion! Click here for ticketmaster or call 310 278 9457 for either show!

James Hall