New Kid on The Block

Here on the Strip, we’re all family. We always take care of our pals at The Viper, Key Club, Whiskey, and Cat Club – and they have our backs too! We all share the common goal of Rock N Roll and making it the best we can. Like any other business, we know that sometimes things have to change, as we ALL try our best to keep the Strip alive and kickin.

With that said, we welcome the new Viper changes with open arms, and even tho we will miss a few of our Viper comrades – we know it’s all for the best. The room looks amazing, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the new Viper crew! Check out the LAist for the full info.

The Viper Room’s fame sits on the shoulders of a troubled past. River Phoenix’s death at the club branded it for many, but financial troubles, court documents, an alleged disappearance of a part-owner (during the Johnny Depp era) and new owners all became part of the background drama. Despite all that, the club was a scene, an amazing place to be made possible by a group of dedicated staff that made it home.

Then, earlier this year, Pink Taco owner, Harry Morton, bought the club (he is the son of Peter Morton, co-founder of Hard Rock Cafe, and his grandfather is Arnold “Arnie” Morton, founder of Morton’s Steakhouse Chain. Gossip mongers might better know him as Lindsay Lohan’s ex boyfriend). Morton announced plans to expand the Viper Room brand internationally by opening 300-500 seat venues in cities from Tokyo to New York to London. As to the original Sunset Strip club, Morton said he only planned minor changes such as cosmetic touch ups to the building and sound/video improvements. “It’s staying what it is. If anything, we’re trying to restore it to its heyday,” he told Billboard Magazine.