The Little Blog That Could

This blog has turned into this little crazy phenomenon and we’re so flattered by the feedback we have received. Social networking is such a trial an error game, and we hope that we’ve found something unique in how we’ve built this site. As always, LAIST continues to be one of our favorite sites for really telling it how it is in so many facets of LA Living. We appreciate them as much for their support as for their constructive criticism! Check out what they have to say about the blog!

The Roxy website ditched their old-school site and moved to a blog format. Furthermore, Adler took the spirit of community and transparency a step further by including listings for other businesses and venues on the Strip. This radical departure from the competitive nature of the industry has made an impact, although few — if any — venues have followed suit with their internet presence. Adler is admittedly hooked on social media now and it’s apparent — The Roxy, which only years ago went after camera-wielding patrons, now has a massive presence on the web and even hosts user-generated photos and videos on the site. The Roxy is also one of four nominees for Best Rock Site for this month’s VH1 Rock Honors.

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