From Kate Voegele to Hyper Crush

We’ve got all the bases covered! Want to see your favorite One Tree Hill character? Check. Or, maybe one night of Ours wasn’t enough for you? Check. Bummed when Everlast got postponed? Check. Whatever your little heart desires is probably going onsale today…check out all the info below and head over to our ticketmaster page or call 310 278 9457 for info and tickets to all the shows (and more).

Joe Purdy August 30, 2008

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Kate Voegele September 10, 2008

youtube credit: seventeenmagazine

Hyper Crush – September 27,2008

youtube credit: hypercrush

Jimmy Gnecco of OURS at ON THE ROX -September 29,2008

youtube credit: misguided fool

The Bakerton Group feat. members of CLUTH – October 10, 2008

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Lotus – October 16, 2008

youtube credit:OneDirtyMic

Everlast – October 22, 2008

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Collie Buddz – November 9, 2008

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