Always Love For LaIst

Thanks LAist for coming to check out the show last night – always happy to have you in the house! Their site is one of our favs, so make it part of your daily routine.
WHAT A SHOW! Check out the full article – here!

If you happened to find yourself pushing your way through throngs of vintage Nike-clad hipsters and fedora-and-vested ladies on the Strip Wednesday night then you were probably caught up in the hype surrounding the joint performance between world class DJ-AM and former Blink 182 drummer impresario Travis Barker. With three concerts this summer at the Roxy under the alias TRV$-AM, the unprecedented alliance between rock and dance has forced LA to its knees with a threatening new performance style. While the glamour of the show may have been highlighted by its sold out status, special guest appearances by Paul Wall and Warren G, and signed drumsticks thrown around the pit, this performance was nothing short of a challenge. Travis Barker has set out to prove that he is the preeminent drummer of the current music generation, and after Wednesday’s show it would be pretty difficult to argue otherwise.