Sweet Sweet Sonya

If we were to take an office poll, I would undoubtedly be voted the dorkiest of the motley crew. At any given moment, their’s atleast one show on the calendar that gets me pretty excited. Life is good, right? Anyway, I also really enjoy the little things in life…this morning, I walked in to Starbucks only to hear a really beautiful little diddy playing throughout the store. Who is it you ask? Sonya Kitchell! Who, yes – is gracing our stage next month. That’s excitement. So now, I will spend the day obsessing over her new album…and anxiously awaiting the show. The new album has been out for a mere two weeks, so get it now – and enjoy it live Oct. 26! Click here for tickets, or as always – give us a call – 310 278 9457.

Sonya Kitchell 10/26