A Very Ozzy Holiday

Yes yes yes. The rumors were true! The one and only Ozzy Osbourne took it to a whole other level last night and took the Camp Freddy Finale above and beyond! The man himself was in tip-top shape, and killed it!!
Straight from the horses mouth – check out Billy Morrison’s blog about the epic show last night!

Tired. Drained. Beat. Mentally Exhausted. Emotionally Bankrupt. Spiritually Enlightened. These words describe how I feel after five hours sleep and one of the best Camp Freddy shows in the bands seven years. The noise that the audience made when we brought the one and only Mr Ozzy Osbourne out to the stage was deafening. And Crazy Train, Iron Man and Paranoid brought the house down. I don’t care who you are – watching a true legend like Ozzy perform in a small club like that is a very special and very intense experience. Standing on the stage with him playing those iconic songs is beyond. Linda Perry, Steve Jones, Juliette Lewis, Naveen Andrews, Chris Vrenna, Mark McGrath and Royston Langdon were all part of the final show at The Roxy. And we closed the month long residency with Ozzy and huge smiles all around. The energy was electric, both from the completely sold out venue and the band onstage. Huge thank you’s go out to all the musicians and performers that took part in the shows with us. I hope everyone who played, came out, watched and experienced these gigs had as good a time as we did. I would imagine that pictures and video will be flowing freely as usual and when I get it all, I’ll put it up here. I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and thank each and every one of you for the love and support. 2009, baby. More of the same coming your way soon.

CRAZY TRAIN live at The Roxy
youtube credit: tom91381