Back In Action

We hope you had as much fun as we did at SNOT’s return to the Roxy last week. Moshing, stage diving, metal…all the things we KNOW Snot is good for. With plenty of die hard fans in the crowd…and a handful hoping to be won over by the new addition, Tommy Vext – it was great to see the crowd come alive. Check out Paul Gargano’s review of the show!

That combustible combination is what made The Roxy the perfect venue to celebrate the band’s new lineup. There was an element of danger in the air. Not a fear-breeding danger, but the danger that results when you combine a molotov cocktail of ingredients with giddy anticipation of the results. The hour-long set featured about half of the band’s 1998 album Get Some, as well as new tracks “CouldaShouldaWoulda” and set-closer “The Band Played On,” two heavy-metal heart attacks that plaster the band’s syncopated rhythms and abrasive melodies with melodic thrusters set to stun.