Lets Rock and Make Up

We were pretty bummed when Nico Vega got canceled too…which is why we are extra excited that the show was rescheduled quickly and we are ready to party tonight! Their are still some tickets available so ch ch ch check it out! Great article by Kevin at buzzbands.la!

Volkman has put behind her the debilitating cough/cold that sidelined her early this month, and the L.A. trio is revving up for its makeup date Tuesday. From a tour stop in Cleveland, the frontwoman says that finally having the album out is exhilarating. “I feel like we worked for the last four years to make something great, and now here it is: This is the record,” she says. “The next time it won’t take so long because we learned so much from the process. We were patient with it, and it paid off — I think we got it right.”