Not Just For Boys

Thanks to Lyndsey Parker- for pointing out that super group’s aren’t just for boys!! Time to make way for the ladies! Fabulous review!

But until recently, the whole Sunset Strip supergroup shtick has been something of a boys’ club. Awesomely, that’s all changed with the arrival of the Chelsea Girls. With a kickass core lineup of Amazonian ex-Nashville Pussy bassist Corey Parks; shredtastic Donnas axemistress Allison Robertson; Hole/Peaches/Motley Crue drumming wonder Samantha Maloney; and white-hot, white-blonde frontwoman Tuesdae, the Chelsea Girls have hit Hollywood with the slogan “for those about to rock…we seduce you,” and they deliver on that promise.

So last night was that time of the month–the last Thursday of the month, that is, when the Chelsea Girls played their new residency at the Roxy. And as they kicked out the jams on trashy testosterock classics by AC/DC and Judas Priest with seriously more balls than any boy, these grrrls almost caused a riot on the Sunset Strip.