More Nico Please

Nico Vega 3/14
From the record release…to SXSW…and everything in between – it’s been a fun ride watching the Nico Vega train gain speed. We know it’s easy to be a skeptic – since this town can be sensory overload x100. But, Nico Vega is the real deal…and it’s rad to watch heads turn and ears perk up. Check out what the kids of Antiquiet have to say – and a sweet interview with the band!
**photo credit for top photo, Erik Voake**

Nico Vega is your newest favorite band. I know, I know… I hate hype too. When I first caught the buzz around LA about this up-and-coming local act signed to MySpace records, I blew it off. It’s hard to take things seriously in this town; every week there’s a new flavor you just have to try.