A Master of Your Own Tickets

We know convenience is key when it comes to buying tickets. Maybe you click thru on your coffee break, maybe you make a call en route to the office – but we know you work hard for your money. And we respect that, 100%. We just wanted to give you all a friendly reminder that tickets are available for purchase thru the ROXY BOX OFFICE with a fraction of the service fees you might accrue at, **cough cough** other places. Say, a ticket to your favorite show – (Unwritten Law? Chelsea Girls? Iglu & Hartly?) is $15…buy it thru us, with cash and your grand total is $16.50. The money you will save, easily covers parking ($5 lot across the street) and a cocktail. Life is good, no? Give us a call at 310 278 9457 to purchase tickets – we will happily assist.