Everyones Gonna Love Today

We tried our hardest to keep it a secret…but now, ice cream in hand – we are ready to party with MIKA!! Thanks to Perez Hilton for making it a crazy fun hunt – we wished all of our shows involved ice cream and secrets! If you were lucky enough to find The Ice Cream man on Perez’ directions – you know all the details!! As the site of Mika’s first US showcase several moons ago (January 2007) – having him here as a celebration of the completion of his new album before he heads back over the pond is extra exciting. Unfortunately, if you missed the clues – you’ll have to sit this one out as no tickets are for sale. If you scored a wristband, lineup is allowed starting at 12 NOON, doors at 7:00pm. See you then!
Youtube Cred: MaprangC