What A Difference A Year Makes

Check out this great review of last week’s Cinco De Mayo festivities – celebrating Iglu & Hartly’s album release! It was a packed house, eclectic mix of fans, and an amazing testament to how far a hard working band come in a year! Thanks to Brent and sunsetstrip.com for this fabulous review!

In fact, the show was full of fan participation and appreciation. During the moody ballad “Out There” the band called for all the girls in the crowd to get on their guy’s shoulders and sway to their smooth rhymes. A few songs later, the crowd broke out into an all out frenzy of dance and arm waving, singing along to the catchy hook of “Violent And Young.”

But one of the biggest sources of nervous excitement in the crowd was monitoring Anderson’s pants whose waistline bordered on “the danger zone” the entire night, leaving many of the young ladies in the crowd hoping for a repeat of the now infamous naked Coachella incident.

The band finished their set with a bang dedicating their heavily rotated radio single “In This City” to their fans; a song that tells the story of the band’s journey, dropping out of college in Boulder, Col., and deciding to pursue music, making a new home in Echo Park, Calif.

For the final song “Dayglo,” all the “ladies in the house” we’re invited onstage to dance away the last song of the night, which was the conclusion of an even more impressive journey, that of a band that played The Roxy almost exactly one year ago and was now launching their debut record to a packed house.