The Roxy Turns White

Photo Credit: Nic AdlerJust wanted to send a special shout out to Jack White and the Dead Weather guys for reminding us that Rock N Roll is still alive and kicking. In what can only be described as an epic performance, (everyone from the crowd to the crew can attest to that) we can still feel the energy in the walls the next morning. Jack White on drums was a sight to see…and we couldn’t be more excited about the new project. Such a superstar lineup, and they delivered! Check out the killer review from Pop & Hiss/The LA Times Blog

Alison Mosshart’s lips nearly grazed Jack White’s when the pair shared a microphone Wednesday night at the Roxy. The room grew more humid during that encounter, though the singers never touched. Later, when White took one of his showy guitar solos, Mosshart simply stood and stared. Did her locked gaze signify adoration? Or was it hostile — a silent way of shouting, “Get out of my spotlight”?

In the Dead Weather, the group that unites Mosshart with White, along with guitarist-keyboardist Dean Fertita and bassist Jack Lawrence (who also play with White in the Raconteurs), the foundations of the four-piece rock band are shaken loose just enough to let some interesting complexities surface. The band’s sound is firmly rooted in heavy blues-rock, but the presence of Mosshart up front and White mostly behind the drums turns this revival on its side, if not completely upside down.

Mosshart, a member of the drone-rock duo the Kills, is a riveting frontwoman whose erotic power isn’t attached to feminine clichรฉs. Singing lead for most of the Dead Weather’s hour-and-change set, she was in constant flux: shaking her slender hips and knotty black hair, leaning perilously into the crowd, dancing in a seeming stupor one moment and coiling to leap the next.

The Dead Weather Live At The Roxy
Youtube Credit: moviebruin