SSMF Rewind

As we reminisce today on the first anniversary of the SSMF, we have nothing but a plethora of musical highlights and one of a kind memories courtesy of the Sunset Strip to look back on. It was truly a feat to create a festival fitting for what the Strip is – a legendary home base to an entire movement. Being able to honor the creators (Lou Adler, Mario Maglieri, and Elmer Valentine) was something that was a once and a lifetime experience. Celebrating music, the venues, and the fans was so special for us – and this year, round two – is fixing to be wilder and more wonderful as we are closing down the Strip for the first time! Looking back on last years lineup, makes up proud! But stay tuned….this year’s will blow you away. Mark September 10th and 11th on your calendar!!

SSMF - 6/26 6/27 6/28