The Mighty Boosh Invade The Roxy

Paired with the cool, cutting edge folk at Myspace Comedy – we are so excited to welcome British Comedy sensations to The Roxy for one of their first ever shows in the States. Fans will be able to lineup starting at NOON the day of the show, July 28. Please bring proof that The Mighty Boosh is in your top friends (print it out or just show us on your phone). The show is 18+. Doors open at 8:30. Not sure what all the fuss is about? Check out the official press release below.

Be sure to check out England’s innovative comedy troupe The Mighty Boosh as they perform for their American MySpace friends this week. Marking their first ever US appearances, creators Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding will bring their quirky and kaleidoscopic brand of comedy to the States for two MySpace Secret Stand-Up performances in both New York City and Los Angeles on July 21 and July 28, respectively.

If you’re unfamiliar, The Mighty Boosh is an innovative and fantastical BBC Series television experience created by Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, which has been airing on the Adult Swim Network since March 2009. In “The Mighty Boosh,” self-absorbed wannabe glam rocker Vince Noir (Fielding) and the intellectually vain and self-proclaimed genius and jazz aficionado Howard Moon (Barratt) are in a band and live alongside a freelance shaman, Naboo (Michael Fielding) and Bollo (David Brown), a talking Gorilla. Each season, The Mighty Boosh creates its own unique environment, taking place in a vast array of locales, including the “Zooniverse”, the Frozen Tundra and the Australian desert. Each episode features an original Mighty Boosh song as Vince and Howard continue their never-ending search for the “new sound.”

Check out a hilarious clip from the group here:Eels
Said co-creator Barratt of their upcoming visit to the US, “If it’s not too presumptuous, we hope the faint ripples from our strange little show resonate through the American consciousness until they become a deafening roar of love and approval, so all-encompassing and spiritually-shattering, that they break down repression and engender a new mystical quasi-sexual religion based on our work.”