SSMF A Raging Success

SSMF Crowd Shot September 12, 2009

Walking down the Sunset Strip at 8am on Saturday morning, we knew history was going to be made. The team was in full effect bright and early – building stages and tents, constructing fences and loading in tour busses – we knew magic was happening. It was uncharted territory, and thanks to the creative minds and believers for putting their heart and soul into a dream. For supporting the Sunset Strip and showing that it has never been more relevant in pop culture and beyond. A HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to the City of West Hollywood, its residents, city council members and local businesses. To the amazing festival staff and club staffs alike…Thanks to all the bands for taking a chance on this festival – you all mean so much to us! From Ozzy to Korn, The Donnas to Shwayze – you went down in history along with us. We have loved watching the feedback come in, be it from Twitter or other press – and we encourage you all to post your videos, pictures, and favorite moments! Can’t wait to do it all next year!!

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youtube credit: candyseller29