Jimmy Gnecco On The Rox

Sunday, February 7, 2010

By: Brent X Mendoza

Ours may be the greatest band that no one has heard of; one of those bands that hooks you instantly on first listen and leaves you baffled as to how you’ve never heard this before. Those that do follow the band are die hard and obsessive, not the fair-weather crowd that would let a frigid night in February keep them from a performance. Long before doors even opened, the sold out show had a line that extended two blocks. Fans were eager to get inside and get positioned in the very intimate, mostly standing room On The Rox.

After what felt like an infinite wait, Gnecco and his acoustic very humbly made their way through the crowd and on to the stage. He greeted the audience, and waited a good minute or two for the applause and commotion to die down. Fresh off recording a new record, Gnecco then laid down the ground rules for the evening, explaining that he would mostly be playing/trying out new material.

Having recently lost his mother to a bout with cancer, most of the new record was inspired by their relationship and her recent passing. One of the stand out new tracks that Gnecco performed was “Rest Your Soul”, an intensely emotive account mostly written while his mother was still sick. The song had the audience teary eyed as the pain in his voice has apparent through his soaring vocals. After the song, Gnecco thanked his fans, many of whom had sent donations and cards, for all their support over the last year.

After introducing all his new material during the first half of the show, Gnecco then plunged into fan favorites and requests. Songs such as “Miseryhead” and a new track called “The Heart” had the crowd spellbound as Gnecco lunged into his classic falsetto screams and vocal acrobatics. Even while being a bit under the weather his vocals still were second to none.

Given all the tragedy of the past year Gnecco was surprisingly upbeat and optimistic. The night went much like an episode of VH1 Storytellers as he amused the crowd with humorous anecdotes and personal insights. At a couple points during the evening Gnecco even touched on the recent death of Michael Jackson and expressed that he was deeply saddened by the pop stars passing. He explained that while, yes he was saddened by his death, he was more upset at the way Jackson was treated during his life. “I never believed the allegations”, proclaimed Gnecco, “but that’s my opinion”. He then went on to dedicate to MJ “I Heard You Singing”, a song he originally wrote as a tribute to his musical inspiration Jeff Buckley.

Magical! Photo Credit: Erik Voake

The three hour set flew by, and both Gnecco and the crowd would have stayed all night if his voice had permitted. The evening ended in an explosive crescendo as Gnecco treated the crowd to spot on covers of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Dazed and Confused” before finally blowing out the last of his voice on fan favorite, “Fallen Souls”.

Jimmy Gnecco On The Rox January 7, 2010

Jimmy Gnecco On The Rox January 7, 2010

Jimmy Gnecco On The Rox January 7, 2010