Petty Cash On The Rox

By: Brent X Mendoza

Given the fickle nature of L.A. club goers, it’s incredibly difficult for a local band to endure a residency no matter how big their fan base is. Given this fact, it’s all the more impressive that the guys in Petty Cash have been consistently pulling in huge crowds for their permanent Wednesday residency at On The Rox.

The band, a super group of sorts comprised of former members of Juliette and The Licks are all accomplished musicians with their own projects and extensive resumes. Being seasoned vets of the music scene, their comfort and chemistry on stage shines through making their live performances feel like a house party with one hundred of their closest friends. Tipping their communal bottle of Jack on stage, the band easily transitions between songs by their namesakes and even indulge in a little instrument round robin, depending on what the tune calls for. The band also draws on their network of fellow musicians and celebrity pals, and frequently treat their fans to impromptu guest appearances, which in the past have included everyone from Jeremy Piven, to members of Bad Religion, to frequent audience gasper Pink (Alecia Moore).

In the two short years that the band has been together, they have already made a name for themselves on The Strip, and even headlined the First Annual Tribute to Johnny Cash Music Festival in Ventura, CA. Being able to draw on the massive catalogs of two such legendary artists, the band plays to their crowd with can’t go wrong favorites like “Last Dance”, “Free Fallin”, “Ring of Fire”, and “Folsom Prison Blues”. With hits like these at their disposal, it’s no surprise that Petty Cash keep packin’ ‘em in each and every week at On The Rox.

For a night of good old fashioned boozing, dancing, and singing out of key, black out the Wednesdays on your calendar and check out the good time party band that is Petty Cash.

Photo Credit: Erik Voake
Petty Cash On The Rox February 24, 2010

Petty Cash On The Rox February 24, 2010