By: Brent X Mendoza

1) What’s your most memorable show at The Roxy, either as a performer or a spectator?

The Roxy let me book a whole night there once and it actually did pretty well. I think we brought in over 200 people that night. I booked my friend’s bands, as well as Crash Kings of course, and it turned into a big party.

2) Better TV show from “1985”, Miami Vice or Who’s The Boss?

Who’s The Boss for sure! I’ve had a little crush on Alyssa Milano since I was a kid.

3) Crash Kings was signed by superstar songwriter/producer Linda Perry; which of her collaborators is most likely to make a guest appearance on your next record Christina Aguilera, Pink, or Gwen Stefani?

Most likely? I’d have to say Gwen Stefani, even though that still seems like a stretch. I went through a bit of a ska faze when I was in high school listening to bands like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (drummer went to my high school), Ska Voovie and The Epitones, and Fishbone. I always loved Gwen’s voice too.

4) Better “Mountain Man”, Paul Bunyan or the Brawny Paper Towel guy?

The Brawny dude didn’t roll around with a big blue ox, so Paul Bunyan wins hands down.

5) So you guys are a local LA band, have any thoughts on East Coast vs. West Coast?

Actually Tony and I are much more East Coast than West Coast and Jason is from Texas. My brother Tony and I are from Boston. East Coasters know how to tell you you’re a dick (all the while being one) and West Coasters know how to never return your phone calls even when you just want to tell them you love them. The East Coast has about two months of nice weather a year and the West Coast is nice all year. The East Coast is chock-full of super talented artists that are all broke and the West Coast is filled with a bunch of wealthy people with big houses who care less if they have talent or not – they’re rich!