Jane’s Addiction Rox The Roxy

Friday, July 2, 2010
By: Brent X Mendoza

In The Strip’s long history of secret shows and intimate showcases, Jane’s Addiction at The Roxy definitely falls in the top ten of “wow factor”. The chance to see these quintessential Los Angeles legends, a band that practically defined the genre of alternative rock, in a 500 capacity club is an event that comes but once in a lifetime.

Setting the tone for the evening, the show kicked off with a short Jim Rose style, bondage/burlesque skit. Acting as hostess and looking like escapees from an Agent Provocateur catalogue, two scantily clad beauties took the stage to Manson’s “I Put a Spell on You”. After a brief side show, cheek piercing stunt, the vixens flung back the stage curtain and Jane’s exploded onto the stage.

Revealing a backdrop reminiscent of the Ritual album cover, the band featuring new bassist Duff McKagen (GN’R) looked and sounded better than ever. With their camera phones held high, the crowd of lucky guest listers was writhing with excitement in a way that jaded LA crowds never allow themselves.

Early on, the band launched into fan favorites like “Had a Dad”. With Farrell perched atop a small platform at the head of the stage, the two burlesque dancers swung suspended from harnesses, kicking their legs as they flew out over the crowd. Echoing the chorus,“gimme some more”, the audience was ecstatic when Farrell grabbed up cameras and cell phones from the amateur videographers in the front row and gave them some special stage POV footage.

The hits just kept on coming as the band drew from their classic records and pulled out jammers like “Ted Just Admit It” and monsters like “Mountain Song” and “Been Caught Stealing”. “I feel like Kobe Bryant hitting a three-pointer at the end of the game”, exclaimed Farrell as he shimmied his way back and forth across the stage.

The packed house hit their height of elation when the band exploded into “Stop”. Belting out the last verse of the song, the crowd humorously stumbled, being put on the spot and having to blurt out the correct lyrics to the classic they’ve been absent mindedly singing along with for years.

Closing out their epic set, the band all moved to the front of the stage and took a seat for an encore, acoustic jam version of “Jane Says”. “We played this place for our first record… had every record label exec in the city in the palm of my hand… tonight felt like the good old days” pronounced Farrell before exiting the stage with Jane’s famous Español moniker “Juana’s Adiccion”.
Photo Credit: Erik Voake – erikvoake.com